Radio Soap Operas

Posted by Sarah

Please find beneath the advert zip files containing mp3s of several American soap operas from the 1930s to the 1950s.


The Romance of Helen Trent eps 1-3 of the Faye Granville Story RofHtTheFayeGranvilleStoryPt1

Big Sister eps 1-28 from 1944 Big Sister ep 28

Big Sister eps 81-84 from 1944Big Sister ep 84

Joyce Jordan MD 4 eps from November 1947 JjMd1947-11-26PoisonIsCenterOfDiscussion

Hilltop House  5 eps from July 1953 and 5 eps from October 1953 Htoph1953-07-23DrBrowningDecidesNotToTellReidTheBadNews

For more information on radio soap operas see our main blog:


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